Crowdwish 169 Actioned.

Today’s Crowdwish was ‘I wish I could become better at speaking French’.

There’s no really simple way of learning a foreign language. Whatever you might be told by sites claiming that they will have you speaking fluent Swahili in just three simple lessons, the bottom line is that it takes work and consistent practice, slightly disappointingly.

We’ve looked at loads of language learning apps in the past and there is one that really stands out and is consistently incredibly well recommended by its users. It’s free and almost ten million people have used it to learn French already. The app is called Duolingo, and we spoke about it a while back when people wanted to learn Italian.

It works on a really simple basis; as you’re learning - at your own pace and in a really straightforward way - you’re gradually translating foreign websites into your target language.

The revenue that this provides Duolingo allows them to keep the service free for users. This film explains it really well and the site is here.

We think it’s really worth checking out for those who are serious about this ambition.

There are no subscriptions or fees at all, so we can’t really negotiate with them in the way we normally would to provide a discount to Crowdwish members.

Instead, email us and we’ll send you a mystery French-themed gift, which can act as a reminder to stay focused on the goal. Genuinely, Duolingo can really help.

Until tomorrow.


A highly original and imaginative choice of photograph to represent France.