Crowdwish 170 Actioned.

Today’s Crowdwish was ‘I wish I knew everyone on my street’.

It’s a common complaint – the majority of us live side-by-side with people who we barely exchange eye contact with from one month to the next.

It’s not the case with every community, but there is definitely a growing tendency towards a more insular existence. In fact, Britain is the loneliness capital of Europe with its inhabitants much less likely to know neighbours or maintain strong friendships than people elsewhere in the EU, according to the Office for National Statistics in a report published last week.

It’s sad. But fear not, loners. In response to today’s wish, we have a solution. Simply email us and we will send you a patented ‘Befriend your neighbours pack’, making it the work of moments to organise a party with those who you are yet to call friends.

The pack contains:

Customisable invitations

Some bunting

Lots of balloons

Two disposable barbecues

The rest is down to you.

Until tomorrow.