Crowdwish 175 Actioned.

Today’s Crowdwish was ’That schools were more obliging about pupils needing occasional time off’.

The issue of taking children out of school during term time has become incredible contentious in the last 12 months.

The story is this…

Until September of last year, head teachers were able to use their discretion to allow term time holiday for up to ten days. As a result, on occasion, parents might take children out of school before the end of term to avoid high charges that travel companies introduce during the holiday period, or to ensure their children were able to attend a special family occasion.

However, in September 2013 the legislation was amended so that no leave of absence was allowed unless there were genuinely ‘exceptional circumstances’ in place.

Thus far this has led to pupils being refused permission to be present at the weddings of their own parents, being forbidden from attending funerals of family members or even, according to today’s Sunday Times, being granted leave on medical advice. Parents who take children out of school during term time without approval can be fined up to £2,500 and even jailed.

The legislation is due to be challenged soon in a test case where a parent will argue that the ruling is a breach of Human Rights and compromises the right to a family life.

As with any political issue on Crowdwish, we don’t have a dog in the fight; we’re just here to action the wish.

To do that, we’re giving away the bumper stickers you can see below. Email us if you’d like one.

Until tomorrow.